Best IPTV For Kodi: 42 Top Kodi addons to watch Live TV, Movies and TV shows

Best IPTV for Kodi

Well, we are back with another one important topic called Best IPTV for Kodi. In this post, we are going to introduce some of the best IPTV Kodi addons and its working details. This list only includes the best add-ons which are currently used by all the movie lovers. Also, these add-ons work properly on Kodi boxes.

When you are searching for your favorite TV channel through cable subscription is too costly, so most of the people are cutting the cord and considering other streaming options such as Kodi.

A few years ago, People can watch your favorite TV shows or movies with the help of two things only. One is you have to wait for the program to broadcast on the TV.  Another thing is to buy the tickets to see the events in live. Those periods have been gone now. Today people can enjoy your favorite movies or TV shows through Internet Protocol Television. IPTV is the method of delivering all the video content through internet lines.

What is meant by Kodi?

kodi iptv

Kodi is an application that allows the user to stream your favorite video content through add-ons. On-demand video streaming service is one of the best features available in the Kodi. Today, streaming live TV channels with the help of IPTV is an easier option. Kodi software requires third-party Kodi addons to stream media contents from the website. However, everyone wants to know which add-ons work as better and which add-ons we need to avoid. For that reason, our iptvsmartplayer gives you the best IPTV Kodi addons.

Kodi addons:

For streaming the Live TV channels we need to download the add-ons on your Kodi app. To load lists of the best IPTV for Kodi we need to download the M3U playlists and F4m Tester.

While streaming every Kodi addon, please install the VPN. Streaming Kodi addons without a VPN is very dangerous and illegal.

Best IPTV Kodi Addons:

Below we have listed the best IPTV Kodi Addons.

Falcon Ultra IPTV:

The Falcon Ultra add-on is popular Kodi addons which let the user to stream live shows and TV channels from the various countries all over the world. Before installing this addon in your Kodi. It is mandatory to install an F4M Tester. You can find this addon on the AJ repository. This addon has various TV channels from countries like Turkish TV, Spanish TV, Romanian TV, Portuguese TV, German TV, Italian TV, French TV, Dutch TV, Canadian, and Arabic TV. The user can access to Sky Movies and World TV also.

cCloud TV:

cCloud TV iptv

cCloud TV is one of the top-rated IPTV addons for Kodi. This helps the users to stream more than a hundred TV channels from the top country like UK and US stations. This addon contains the channels which include NBC, CBS, ABC, Sky, AMC, ESPN, History Channel, Discovery Channel, Comedy Channel, Cartoon Network. This application contains various categories like Sports, Movies, TV Shows, News, Lifestyle, Music and many more. You can find this addon on the Kodil repository.

BBC (iPlayer):

BBC (iPlayer)

The next addon is BBC iPlayer. If you are interested in watching the BBC Network means choose this addon. From this addon, you can stream the various UK channels. You cannot access this addon outside the UK. The people from outside the UK can stream this addon with the help of a VPN.



The next one is Pluto.TV, the app is completely free to use. you can watch movies and TV shows without any subscription charges. Only the legal contents are available in this application. It is safe to use and the good thing is you can get all the video content in HD quality. It is a Kodil repository addon.



From the name itself, you can predict what kind of addon is this. All the US TV channels are available in this addon. you can get this addon on the Kodil repository. People from outside the US use VPN for streaming the video contents in this application.

The Crew:

The Crew kodi

The new addon launched recently in the online market is The Crew. Right now, this one of the best ones. This addon comes with interesting categories like the cartoon, animation, music, shopping, movies, Tv shows. More than 1000+ live tv channels present in this application. This one is the best IPTV addon for Kodi in the market.

you can download the repository from this link

T2K IPTV Kingdom:

T2K IPTV Kingdom kodi

Freshly launched Kodi addon which is completely about IPTV is called the T2K IPTV Kingdom. This addon also contains other addons like whiskey One, Fluxus IPTV, FilmON, and many more. For this, you can found out thousands of live TV channels. All the channels are working in good condition without any issues. Most importantly you can watch all the popular channels from top countries includes the USA, UK, China, Russia, etc… If you are a cord-cutter means you will definitely love this one. To install the T2K IPTV Kingdom, go to the following link

Phoenix Rises:

Phoenix Rises kodi

The problem in the Kodi is, You have to find addon regularly for streaming Kodi. This is one major problem in IPTV on Kodi. Because sometimes the addon is very difficult to find if they go offline means. For that reason here we have given a newly released addon called Phoenix Rises.

This addon has hundreds of Live TV channels. It also contains along section for each category like movies, Live events, Tv shows, news, and plenty more. You can find out channels from various countries like UK, USA, Canada, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, etc… If you are facing any streaming issues in your location means please use a VPN to unblock all.

You can get this from


Voodoo kodi

Some Kodi addons can disappear at any time, which is one of the major drawbacks in Kodi. It is difficult for the users to find proper Kodi addon, for that reason here we have given an addon called Voodoo. Voodoo has been launched a few years back. You can watch plenty of live TV channels in this application. This application relies on Ghost IPTV. By using this source you can add more channels to your Kodi. For installing this addon first, you have to install the Ezzer Mac repository. Go-to this link

Self Less Live:

Self Less Live kodi

Self Less live is a specialized add-on to streaming new movies and Tv shows on your devices. In fact, the content present in this application has come from six various providers. All six providers in this addon combined to give 1000+ live TV channels. All of these channels have been working in good condition. Also, you can stream it in HD quality. For using this addon first you need to download and install the Kodi Ghost repository.

The Magic Dragon:

The Magic Dragon

The next in our list of best IPTV for Kodi is Magic Dragon. There is a reason why we have chosen this addon in this article. Here’s why

The Magic Dragon is the popular addon among the movie lovers. Because you can get new release movies within a short span of time. Also, you can stream live sports, radio, Tv shows. Only one major disadvantage is there is no live streaming of TV channels right now but it will satisfy all the movie lovers. Install this Magic Dragon from Diamond Build Repo

7of9 (AIO):


Recently trending Kodi addon on google is 7of9 (AIO). In a quick time, this addon becomes popular and favorite for most of the people. You will find numerous types of content from this addon. The contents are movies, TV shows, anime, cartoons, news, podcasts, lifestyle, etc… 7of9 (AIO) has various different IPTV providers that include plenty of channels from the USA, UK, Australia, South Africa. You can find this best IPTV for Kodi in Diamond Wizard Repository. For that go to this link

Scrubs v2:

Scrubs v2 kodi addon

If you are a long term Kodi users mean you will definitely hear about the addon called Scrubs. Scrubs addon is dedicated to movies and Tv shows. The newly launched Scrubs v2 has been developed into new types of content in that one section is dedicated to the IPTV section. There are five content providers present in this addon includes FluxusTV, StratusTV, LodgeTV, TVTap, and Live NetTV. These service providers combined to give you plenty of live TV channels. If you like this means Go to this link and install it

The destiny of Deathstar:

The destiny of Deathstar kodi

The Destiny of Deathstar is one of the best IPTV addons for Kodi that allows the user to watch blockbuster movies, Hollywood series, cartoons, Live TV channels. This addon has two IPTV service providers one is Fluxus and another one is Acestreams. From these two you can watch 4000 channels. The newly updated version of this addon can be found in the Ezzer-Mac repository.

UK Turk Playlists:

UK Turk Playlists

From the name itself you can guess what kind of addon is this. The addon streams all the Live TV channels from the UK and Turkey. Also, this addon works only in the UK and Turkey regions. For other country users please install a VPN for streaming this application.  This addon relies on SportsDevil for streaming the Live TV channels. You can find this addon on Caz repo.

Youtube TV:

Youtube TV

Everyone might be surprised to see Youtube TV on the best IPTV for Kodi. Youtube TV is the best source for streaming video content at free of cost. Similar to other addons you can watch all the free TV channels on Youtube TV and Youtube Live streams.

 Luxray Prime (AIO):

 Luxray Prime (AIO)

When our team searching for the best Kodi addon on google we have found out the newly released Live TV addon called Luxray Prime. This is one of the topmost using AIO addons right now. Luxray Prime relies on three different sources. All these three different sources combined to give thousands of Live TV channels all over the world. The only one drawback is there is not category option in this app. You have to find all the channels by browsing it. You can get this addon from this link

Ultimate IPTV:

Ultimate IPTV kodi

The Ultimate IPTV Kodi addon is developed by Whitecream. You can find this on the Kodi Israel repository. Not only in the Kodi Israel repo but also you can find this addon on Kodil Repository, Cazlo Repository, and SuperRepo Repository. You can stream most of the channels in this application in HD quality. m3u links and m3u8 lists combined to provide you the 1000+ live TV channels.

For Downloading and Installing the Ultimate IPTV follow this guide

IPTV Bonanza:

IPTV Bonanza kodi

The IPTV Bonanza is our next best IPTV for Kodi. This addon is almost similar to the Ultimate IPTV extension. First, install the m3u8 list and that will promise you to give hundreds of Live TV channels. It streams over 1800 TV channels which are the only difference between IPTV Bonanza and Ultimate IPTV.

You can find this addon on Maniac Repository and Kodil Repository. You can install this from the following Link


Supremacy kodi

Supremacy is the best choice to watch new release movies, TV shows, live events and many more. It offers individual categories for each section like Live sports, news, animation, shopping. 90% of the streams available in this application are safe and stable. You can get this addon from the following URL

Maverick TV:

Maverick TV kodi

The Maverick repository is the famous addon mainly known for streaming video content. Addons present in this repository are mainly focusing on the streaming. There are 25+ categories present in this source which include sports, news, anime, world IPTV, Nasa Live TV and many more. Highlight thing about this addon is you can stream live music. Live music has been categorized into 3 sections Paragon music, Live in concert, and music TV. Almost 60% of streaming content is working in good condition. For regular updates follow the Joker on Twitter.


Sylvr kodi

Very next one is Sylvr which is a great choice to enjoy live television. This addon ranks top in our best IPTV for Kodi because it contains a variety of different channels. The addon is user-friendly to use and you can stream the content in HD quality via high-speed internet connection. If you follow this addon means you can’t miss any TV shows.


SkyNet kodi

SkyNet is inspired by the Terminator movie series and it is another addon you can find this from Maverick repository. It streams the tons of content even in 4k resolution also. 13 different contents present in this application. So original contents are divided as ports, new releases, 24/7 movies and TV shows, IPTV, Movies, Box-sets, and the jukebox. The best Kodi addons like  Supremacy, Maverick TV, Dojo Streams, and Silent Hunter are combined to give 1000+ live TV channels across all over the world.


Goodfellas kodi addons

Goodfellas is the name you would hear this in Hollywood movies. But the reality is, it is a Kodi IPTV addon which streams live television on Kodi. From this addon, you can access plenty of US and UK live TV channels. You can also stream other country TV channels. Addon layout is easy to navigate and the streaming quality is exceptional. These are the reasons it has been ranked top in the best IPTV for the Kodi list.

Made in Canada IPTV:

Made in Canada IPTV

This IPTV addon mainly focuses on Canadian TV channels and movies. Also, this application contains US Live TV channels. You will definitely love this addon because of its quality. People in Canada and the US please use this addon, you will love this one.

World TV:

World TV kodi

You can get this addon Man Cave Repository. Similar to other addons you can stream all the video contents. It has a different section which includes UK, USA, Arabic, Bangla, Indonesian, Australian, German, French, Sports, Pakistani, Indian, Turkish, South Indian, Kids, Religious, Portugal TV, Science.

Pavoo TV:

Pavoo TV kodi

You can see this addon on  Zadar Repository. This addon is mainly focused on live TV channels. The section present in this addon is EX-YU, Germany, Turkey, Sports, and Kino.


Zeus kodi

Zeus TV offers Multiple language channels features similar to the Ultimate IPTV. The Sections present in this application International, Portugal, Brazil, and Test.


Vukovar kodi addons

Vukovar addon is one of the well-known Kodi addons. You can see this addon on  Zadar Repo. The channels present in this addon from various different countries like Italy, English, France, Croatia.


SportsDevil kodi addons

SportsDevil is the best addon to watch Live sports. This addon definitely featured in the best IPTV for Kodi lists. From the name itself suggests, Content present in this addon is related to sports. Two major sections are Live sports and Sports TV. Not only sports channels it also explores IPTV channels from countries like the USA, Germany, UK, Italy, France. You can get this addon on Kodil Israel repository and get this here


Mobdro kodi addons

Mobdro is yet another addon from Kodil Israel repo. This addon is the best addon to use in your smartphone for streaming movies and Tv shows on Kodi. It has a decent collection of Tv channels. You can get this addon this URL

Chronos IPTV:

Chronos IPTV

Chronos is the latest member added to the IPTV Kodi addon family. Similar to the SportsDevil this addon also concentrates on Live TV and Live Sports. Every UFC sports lover will definitely like this addon. This addon is available in Austria and its territory region. Other country users use a VPN for streaming. This addon includes various categories includes Live Sports, Live TV, Adult Swim, Austria, Sports, Movies, Concerts, and 24/7. Download this addon on Skydarks Repository.

Furious Streams:

furious streams addon

Extensive collection of movies and Live TV channels present in this Furious streams addon. Most of the channels from the USA and the UK. You can find this on Brettus Builds Repository and install from this


Resistance addon

In the early stage Resistance Kodi, Live TV addon offers only the Spanish TV channels and Spanish movies. Later the addon has been updated now you can see the English language channels also. You can see this on Resistance Repository and install this on

13 Clowns:

13 Clowns addons

My personal favorite Kodi addon is 13 Clowns. Most of the fans prefer to use 13 clowns because it offers a vast collection of Live TV channels from all over the world. You may watch 24/7 shows, movies, live sports. In the premium version, you can get more features than the free version. You can get this from the namesake repository and download this addon from URL

Amerikano Tuga:

Amerikano Tuga addon

When I am looking for the new live TV addons I have found this one. Most of the users will not know about this addon. In the home screen of Amerikano Tuga, you see dozens of channels and their categories. You can get this on VIP Secret Repository and download it from this URL

Mad Streams:

Mad Streams addons

Mad Streams is one well-known addon. Mostly used in the Firestick device. You can stream it from the Bliss TV repository and get it from the You can watch plenty of movies and TV shows on this addon.

Cerebro IPTV:

Cerebro IPTV

Next, we are going to tell about the mind-blowing addon called Cerebro IPTV. This addon has been categorized into 13 different sections. Some of the highlight sections in this addon are IPTV, Elysium TV, Covenant TV, Possiden TV, Exodus TV, and Showbox TV. There is no need to install any additional TV player. Also, it has a personal video recorder.

Mihano IPTV:

Mihano IPTV

Only a few addons that stream the content from all locations. We cannot install this addon directly from the repository. Additionally, you need to download a file for the installation of this addon. you will get unlimited entertainment in this addon.

Live 24/7:

Live 24/7 addons

If you are looking for pure live TV addons means this addon will help you to stream all the live TV contents. This addon stream the contents from other Live TV addons. On the home page, the addons have been classified into a few sections as 24/7 Movies, 24/7 Shows, 24/7 Networks, and 24/7 Random. Live 24/7 addon also contains other contents from various add-ons include UK TV Now, USTV Now, Mobdro, Milano, SportsDevil, Sports Streams.

White Devil Streams:

White Devil Streams

Almost 90% of live TV addon are work based on the Sports devil framework. A few of the addons did not belong to that sports devil, from that White Devil is one among them. Until now it streams around 634 Live TV channels, out of which 40% has been working properly. This addon supports audio and video content.

SG Live TV:

SG Live TV addons

SG Live TV is the last addon in our best IPTV for Kodi lists. You can watch movies and TV shows all the other contents of this application. This addon is also the best one for watching Live sports channels.

Wrapping UP:

These are the best IPTV for Kodi. If you want to stream movies and live TV shows without any interruption or restrictions, please use these Kodi addons for streaming. Also, you can enjoy your favorite Hollywood series, live events in the Kodi application. There is no need for any TV subscriptions to use this addon. Choose the best one from the above list and try it at least once in your device.

Thank you for reading this article.

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