Watch IPTV on Roku

How to Watch IPTV on Roku in 2020- Step by Step

In this Guide, you are gonna see How to stream IPTV on Roku using Roku Media Player?. Suddenly, Question arises in your mind Why should I use Media player instead of M3u Playlist Player?

Actually, It is a good question to ask but the reality is M3U Playlist Player is removed from the Roku store. So, the user has no other option to use their M3U URL to stream their favorite channels on Roku.

That’s why we have made a simple guide to explain how to Add and Watch IPTV on Roku in 2019.

All the users are not experienced on IPTV and Roku. So, Let’s have some discussion about IPTV and Roku. Don’t worry, we will finish it in a short note.

Watch IPTV on Roku

IPTV is an Internet Protocol television. It works with the help of the Internet. IPTV provides all the live TV Channels, Movies, and more. Also, it covers all languages from all over the world. Where can you get IPTV M3U URL?. There are many IPTV Service Providers on the internet or just Check out the Best IPTV Service Provider.

Roku is a streaming device which has lots of application to watch ut the live TV channels, movies, and more. It is a User-friendly application but does not allow any third-party application on it.

IPTV on Roku

To add IPTV on Roku, there are requirements and installation has to be done on your Roku device. Also, the Roku device with USB support takes advantage of adding IPTV to Roku.

First Check out what are all the requirements to Put IPTV for Roku.

  • Roku Media Player
  • M3U URL
  • Computer/Laptop
  • USB Stick

These are the major requirements to Install IPTV on Roku.

Steps to Watch IPTV on Roku

Step1: How to Install Roku Media Player on Roku?

Step1: Turn on the Roku device.

Step2: Toggle to the Roku Channel Store and Type Roku Media Player.

Step3: Select Roku Media Player and click on Add to channels.

Step4: Now, Move on the Apps Section there you can find Roku Media Player.

Step2: How to Add M3U URL to a USB using a Computer?

Step1: Turn on your Computer.

Step2: Connect your USB.

Step3: Paste your M3U URL on Notepad. Actually, you can get it from the IPTV Service Provider.

Step4: Open browser and paste the M3U URL on the URL Tab. Click on GO. 

Step5: A file will be download automatically, that will be your M3U Playlist.

Step6: Just Drag the File and drop it on USB.

Step7: Then Plug out and Connect it to the Roku device.

iptv roku

Note: If you have more than 2000 channels list then it won’t work on Roku media player. So, you have to shortlist the channels and by opening the file.

To shortlist just follow the steps below.

#1. Right, Click on M3U Playlist. In that menu, click open with a text document.

iptv roku

#2. Now, you can find the list of channels. Just sort out by the country or your favorite channels.

#3. After shortlisting, save the file as per your wish (eg: playlist.m3u).

iptv roku

That’s it. Then continue to follow step6 above.

Step3: How to Add M3U playlist to Roku Media Player?

Step1: Connect the USB to the Roku Device.

Step2: As soon as USB is plugged on Roku, message pop-ups on the screen. Just click on the launch.

Step3: It will take you to the Roku Media Player.

Step4: Go to Video

Step5: In Video, you can find an M3U Playlist.

That’s it. Now you can open and enjoy watching all your favorite channels on Roku using IPTV.

How to Watch IPTV on Roku?

After following all the steps above then it would be really easy to watch all your favorite channels on Roku. Just follow the steps whenever you want to watch your favorite channels using the M3u playlist on Roku.

Step1: Open Roku Media Player

Step2: Move on to Video

Step3: In Video, click on M3U Playlist.

Step4: It opens a lot of channels, just select the channel you want to watch.

That’s it. Now, you can watch all the channels in your country.

How to Install and Add IPTV on Roku using M3u Playlist Player?

Actually, Roku has removed the M3U Playlist player from their Channel store. If you have pre-installed the M3u Playlist player on Roku. hope you can still use it for them this will help.

Step1: Turn on the Roku Device.

Step2: Toggle down to the Roku Channel Store and search M3U Playlist Player.

Step3: Select the M3u Playlist Player and click on Add to Channels.

Step4: get back to Channels and open the M3u Playlist player.

Step5: Click on New Playlist.

Step6: Type the M3U URL on the given box.

Step7: Scroll down and click on Save.

Step8: Close the M3u Playlist Player.

Step9: Now, Open M3u Playlist player. there you can find your IPTV list.

Open Up and enjoy watching all your favorite channels.

How to Screen Mirror IPTV on Roku from the mobile device?

Not all the Roku device has USB support, So, you have to do screen mirroring from your Mobile device to Roku. Just follow the steps to do it.

Step1: Connect Roku and Mobile Device to the same Wifi Network.

Step2: In Roku, Move on to the Settings–> System->Enable Screen Mirroring.

Step3: In Your Mobile device, Click on Cast option.

Step4: It will search for the nearby device to mirror. Select the Roku device.

Step5: In Roku, a pop-up menu appears in that click on Allow.

Step6: Then Open up the IPTV player on your android and start streaming.

If you don’t have an IPTV player on Android. Then check out the IPTV Player list for Android and download one from it.

Wrapping Up

IPTV really good to use because it provides thousands on Live TV Channels, and Videos-on-demand at a low cost. But the problem is it is difficult to use on the Roku device because Roku does not support a third-party application for streaming. I hope that this Guide helps you to Setup IPTV on Roku easily. if you are facing any issue just leave a comment below.

Thank you for Reading. For More Details about IPTV visit IPTVSMARTPLAYER.COM.

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